Grandpa Pfriender

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The material nature of much of Pfriender’s works could only be described as inclusive. (imagine a salad made with all the ingredients in a salad bar). Pfriender collected and utilized every sort of scavenged and found material - broken glass, yarn, scraps of wood, metal, and plastic, random discarded hardware. In the same way that his life experiences and encounters gave rise to paintings, he collected these materials and shapes that had no significance on their own but to him they suggested meaning and form that fed his development of an image.

by Ken Buhler

(This excerpt is from a longer article about Grandpa Pfriender by Ken Buhler. Go to the Biography page to read the entire review.)

Bobby Kennedy
Watercolor, Acrylic, Wood
Recently acquired by the American Visionary Museum, Baltimore, MD for their permanent collection.